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HMS February 2018 Newsletter

Hampstead Middle School
February 2018

Important Dates
Feb. 13th-Winter Sports Award Night.  6:30 pm. SlideShow begins at 6:15 pm.
Feb. 19th-Early Release.  Students dismissed at 12:00 pm.
Feb. 19th-Jazz Choir Coffee House.  6:30-8:30 pm.
Feb. 22nd-Student/Faculty Basketball Game.  6:30 pm at HMS.
Feb. 21st-HMS STEAM Night.  5:30-7:30 pm.
Feb. 26th-March 3rd.  WINTER BREAK
* iReady Mid-year student reports will be mailed home the week of Feb. 12th.

STEAM Family Night! For ALL students, families, and community members Wednesday, Feb.21st at the Hampstead Middle School 5:30 - 7:30 pm
For complete details please visit this link:
STEAM Night Information
STEAM Information

Music Department Updates

The Addams Family Musical is going extremely well. The shows are scheduled for March 22nd and 23rd at 7pm and March 24th at noon. 
There are 90 students involved in the production -- 60 students in the cast along with 30 scenery/prop/sound/lighting/front-of-house crew members. We are lucky to have Mrs. Downey on board this year as she will be hosting after-school sessions for students interested in designing the set, props, and special effects for the show. 

On Saturday, January 27th, the 8th Grade Chorus attended the annual UNH Choral Gala under the direction of Professor David Ripley. The students prepared truly challenging repertoire prior to attending and spent the day in rehearsals with area high school singers and the UNH Concert Choir. Students toured the UNH campus, ate lunch and dinner at the dining facility, and performed a culminating concert for parents in the UNH theater. Congrats to the 8th-grade students for a wonderful day of enrichment and kudos to Mr. Fisher and the chaperones for planning another fabulous opportunity.

The HMS Select Octet is participating in the New Hampshire Music Educators Association's Solo and Ensemble Festival at UNH on Saturday, February 10th. This a cappella chamber ensemble will perform three pieces for adjudication in the Johnson Theater of the Paul Creative Arts Center. Best of luck to the Octet Members -- Maggie Berrigan, Olivia Dery, Megan Howard, Jake Hutchings, Ryan McMahon, Evelyn Morin, Zoe Sternberg, and Coriander Wintle-Newell. 


Six HMS students were selected for the New Hampshire Music Educators Association's Elementary Honors Choir for grades 4 through 6. These students will represent Hampstead up in Concord on Friday, April 16th to work with some of the top singers in the state as well as renowned music educators and conductors. 

Avery Barcelos -- Grade 5
Hannah Bernard -- Grade 6
Sophie Hodge -- Grade 6
Landon Sprague -- Grade 6
Jonathan Uber -- Grade 6
Cameron Riley -- Grade 6

Pinkerton Counselors Visit

On February 20th Pinkerton Counselors from the Freshman Academy will be on hand to meet with our 8th-grade students.  Each student will have the opportunity to meet with and discuss their individual course selections for freshman year.  This is a great opportunity to discuss Pinkerton questions or concerns with PA staff.   Counselors will be at HMS from 8AM-12PM.

Intramural Volleyball

The Hampstead Hawks co-ed intramural volleyball teams are made up of students from grades 7 and 8.  It is a no cut, intramural club sport.  This means that anyone who is interested, has parent permission, and an updated physical, can participate.  For some players, it is their first time playing on a team that represents their school.

The teams travel to the towns of Windham, Hooksett, Pelham & Milford for games.

Practices run from 2:45PM- 4PM, with an expected parent pick-up time of 4 PM.  Game times vary, depending on location.

Intramural Volleyball will be hosted by Coach Mailloux & Coach Arroyo.

From the Nurse.......

The strain of flu this year is more severe than in past years.  I want to encourage you to get a flu shot if you have not gotten one.  Convenient MD gives flu shots for free and no appointment is necessary.  Check out their website for locations nearest to you.  It’s not too late.  The flu season continues through March.
If your child is sick, please keep him or her home from school so it does not spread to other children.  Wash your hands often.
Cold or Flu?
Gradual onset of symptoms
Sudden onset of symptoms
No fever
High fever
Slight body aches
Often severe body aches
Headache uncommon
Headache common
Runny nose, sneezing
Sometimes runny nose, no sneezing
Sore throat common
Sore throat uncommon
Hacking cough
Dry cough

Chromebook Care Reminders
1.  Students should not bring their charger to school unless directed by the technology staff (usually because they are returning their device). Teachers should not be allowing students to charge their device in their classrooms.

  • Transporting the charger increases the risk of theft and/or damage.
  • Plugging the device into classroom outlets can create tripping hazards and could violate fire codes.
  • Keeping the charger at home in a consistent place reduces the chances of theft and loss.
  • The technology department has loaner Chromebooks for times when the CB needs to be charged.

2.  Students who take Chromebooks home should be utilizing the sleeve that was issued to them.

3.  Students should not put stickers on their Chromebooks

  • Until given school board approval, the device belongs to the district and may be redistributed to another student at any time. 
  • Stickers leave residue and require extra handling when transferring ownership.
4.  Students should not loan their Chromebook or charger to anyone else
  • Loaning devices to other students puts their device at risk.
  • The technology department provides loaner devices for students who have left their devices at home. 
Lost and Found
Parents, please have your child check the lost and found in the main hallway.  All unclaimed items will be donated on February 22nd.  

CyberSafety 101
In today's fast-paced cyber world, knowing what our children are doing is becoming more and more difficult. Technology changes faster than we can fathom.  Good news, parents! We do not have to keep up with how to use these social media sites and apps.  What we do need to do is be aware of what apps our kids are using and how we can monitor what they are doing on those apps.  It just takes one click to make a picture or a video go viral.... we must educate our children on the positives and negatives on social media while at the same time monitoring how they use the apps and what they post. 

We have provided some safety tips for you, we also have a few links that talk about some common apps that we see our students using.  This is not the end of the list it could go on for pages.  Talk with your child, monitor their devices, and be present in their cyber lives. Let them know that you are aware of what they are using and how they are using it.  These conversations with your child could make all the difference!

  • Educate yourself first about the devices your children are using and the social media platforms they are accessing. 
  • Be a role model for proper, in real life and online, model responsible behavior for your child.
  • Rules, rules, and more rules! Set firm limits on how much time your children are allowed to spend online, which devices they can use, where they are allowed to use them, and the consequences they will face if any of the rules are broken. Write it down, post it somewhere and enforce both the rules and consequences!
  •  Make sure you have all passwords to social networking websites, and that your children know what to do if there is a problem. 
  • If your child has an app, get the same app and make sure you follow your child on that app. 
  •  Place computers in a central area of the home. Do not allow computers or other electronic devices to be used in bedrooms. 
  •  Monitor cell phone usage directly through the carrier or using third-party software. (There are lots of them for a few dollars a month).
  • Be blunt, but age-appropriate, about the consequences of some types of online behavior. 

Quarter 2 Hawk Awards

The following students received our Hawk Award for demonstrating respect, responsibility, and relationships during Quarter two.  

Fifth Grade:  Connor Schuler, Reagan Bailey, Jefferson Morales
Sixth Grade:  Nolan Matuszak and Lauren Bussiere, Joshua Jones
Seventh Grade:  Anthony Leblanc and Mary (Emmy) Doucette, Sammy Boucher 
Eighth Grade:  Kyra Trudell, Jack Laroux, Katherine Lavoie 

Congratulations to our girl's basketball B-team the winners of the state finals this year.  Thanks for making us proud and your hard work and sportsmanship this year!  

Best of luck to our cheerleaders who will be competing in the Tri-County Spirit competition this weekend!  

Library Musings

Library Musings Gr. 5: Video Conference with UNH Professor Dr. Golomski Global Read Aloud learning opportunities continue as students interact with global experts such as Dr. Golomski of UNH. Library Media Specialist, Diane Connors, invited Dr. Golomski to provide an interactive overview of Africa to broaden student understanding of this geographical and culturally rich continent. Students posed several questions that Dr. Golomski answered. In addition, Mrs. Connors will be meeting with interested students as many are eager to raise money towards funding a well that will provide fresh water to an African community.

Monday, January 8, 2018

January HMS 2018 Newsletter

Hampstead Middle School
January 2018 Newsletter

8th Grade Important Info:

8th Grade Students & Parents -- Take Off! - Freshman Presentation

8th Grade Preview Night for the Class of 2022 January 8 & 9, 20186:30 p.m. Stockbridge Theatre - Spaulding Arts and Humanities Building

Mid-Year i-Ready Testing 

Please help support our children by ensuring plenty of rest, and sending in healthy snacks for dates of testing.  

Tues. January 9 Math Grades 5 and 7
Wed. January 10 Reading Grades 5 and 7
Thurs./Fri. January 11-12 Makeups Grades 5 and 7

Tues. January 16 Math Grades 6 and 8
Wed. January 17 Reading Grades 6 and 8
Thurs./Fri. January 18-19 Makeups Grades 6 and 8

January 12, 2018
January 15, 2018
Martin Luther King Jr. Day Observed- NO SCHOOL HMS
January 23, 2018
Quarter Two Ends- Grades Close

HMS Beginning Band

The HMS Beginning band will have their first performance on January 24th at 6:30 pm in the HMS Cafeteria.  Musicians should report to the band room at 6:15 pm.   Dress for this performance is Hampstead Musician shirts, khaki (or similar) pants, and clean shoes.  The performance will last approximately 30-40 minutes.

Music Department Updates

Addams Family Musical -- March 22nd and 23rd at 7pm and March 24 at Noon 

Spring Instrumental Concert -- Tuesday, May 15th at 7pm

Spring Choral Concert -- Wednesday, May 16th at 7pm

STEAM Family Night Wed. Feb. 21st

Family and Consumer Science

Students participated in two food labs.  The 6th graders learned to make pancakes and 8th grade either made a quick bread or grilled cheese and pizza.  Our most current lab challenged the students to start with a basic fudge recipe and find ways to enhance it.  The students came up with some very tasty options.  To conclude this lab, the students learned to make various origami boxes to put their fudge in.  Hopefully, you were able to sample some of this wonderful fudge and see their boxes.  You can find all the recipes we have used this year on The Family Consumer Science Site Page.  I hope the students are experimenting in the kitchen at home.

In addition to food labs, the 8th-grade students are beginning our focus on careers.  Through the use of, the students will participate in several assessments to help narrow down their interest areas and possible careers.  They will research a particular career while also learning to write a business letter and thank you note.  They will begin to develop a resume, interview a career mentor and fill out a sample job application.  All very important skills they will need as they prepare for high school.

Our 6th graders have been learning about the hydroponics garden in our room and we are now moving into our focus on nutrition and wellness.  

ABC Club- Anti Bullying Club
ABC sponsored 12 Days of Kindness in December.

Day 1- Make a new Friend

Day 2- Think before you act

Day 3- Help someone out

Day 4- Pick up after yourself

Day 5- Do the right thing

Day 6- Listen to others

Day 7- Leave a kind note
Day 8-  Respect Everyone
Day 9- Include everyone
Day 10- Give a compliment
Day 11- Show gratitude
Day 12- Smile

ABC members also performed Hampstead Acts of Winter Kindness (HAWK).
They HAWK’D the office staff, administration, custodial staff, technology staff, teachers, paraeducators, and counselors by decorating the teacher's room, front office, cafeteria, kitchen, and offices, by giving out handmade ornaments and by sending notes of thanks.

From the Nurse

Head Lice (Pediculosis)
Head lice is occasionally an issue at school. The best way to protect your child from getting head lice is through prevention. Routine and regular head inspections at home are important.  Teaching your child to avoid head-to-head contact and sharing of personal equipment such as combs, brushes, hats, and helmets, is the best means of protection. All cases of head lice are handled on an individual basis. Protection of student confidentiality and student dignity is our highest priority. When a student is found with head lice at school, a parent will be notified so that treatment can begin promptly. Close contacts of the child may also be screened. As the school nurse, I am here to support these efforts and offer assistance as needed. Please call the health office if you need help with identification or further information.

Friday, December 1, 2017

December 2017 HMS Newsletter

Hampstead Middle School
December 2017 Newsletter

Upcoming Events:

Holiday Concert Schedule
Winter Band Concert Tuesday, December 5th at 7pm
Winter Chorus Concert- Wednesday, December 6th at 7pm

Library News
New York Times Best-Selling Author/ Illustrator Jarrett Krosoczka to present to grades 5 & 6 on Tuesday, Dec. 12th.

Computer Science Education Week:  Dec. 4-10
Grade 5:  Global Read Aloud STEAM Challenges
Grade 6:  Non-fiction Reading, Research & Google Slide Presentations
Grade 8:  Non-fiction Reading, Research, and Argumentative Writing

Hampstead Fire Department Christmas Parade-Sunday December 10, 2017, at 2:00 pm
HMS Early Release on December 13, 2017.  Students dismissed at 12:00pm
Holiday Break is December 25th to January 1, 2018
Ski Club will take place every Tuesday in January at Pat's Peak from 2:15- 8:00 pm.

On-Line Blizzard Bags
HMS will implement Blizzard Bags as an alternative to making up canceled school days due to inclement weather.  Your child has been introduced to this process and how to access their assignments.  In the event of a Blizzard Bag day, please visit our Home webpage for the Blizzard Bag link to be posted the same day.  

Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol at the Palace Theater
7th Grade on December 8, 2017
5th Grade on December 14, 2017

Student Council
The HMS Student Council raised over $1000.00 from the fall Pennies for Patients drive. The fundraiser supports children who have been diagnosed with rare blood diseases and cancers. Each homeroom worked together to find pennies, quarters, nickels, and dimes to bring to the school. The Student Council thanks everyone for their support!

The Addams Family Musical, School Edition is off to a great start!!!  
There are sixty students in the cast this year with even more to get involved once Scenery and Tech Crews are formed. The cast has been busy learning music and choreography with Mr. Fisher (Music Director) and Mrs. McMahon (Choreographer). We are so lucky to have Mrs. Jenna McMahon back for another season at HMS. Joining the team this year is Ms. Kelsey Sullivan from Campbell High School. Ms. Sullivan is an accomplished actress, singer, performer, and director. The Addams Family Musical, School Edition goes up on March 22 and 23 at 7pm and March 24 at 12pm!!! 

Morticia Addams: Zoe Sternberg (7th Grade)
Featured Ancestors: Elyse Binette, Amaya Eaton, Ellie Crump, Mariesa Preble, Avery Barcelos, Kristina Packowski (Dance Captain), Morgan Berard, Kaitlyn Raposa, Ayla Denton, and Emma Cate (Dance Captain) 
Not Pictured: Madison Campbell Pantelis, Keana Gullage 

Grade 8 Students Show Creativity in Social Studies Project
Students recently completed expression projects which incorporated and fostered student exploration in the areas of government, patriotism, human rights and social studies topics of personal interest.  Students created a variety of genres to share their learning including visual art, photography, literature, musical composition,  and film. This was a wonderful opportunity to bring together the social studies work for the quarter and to make a connection to the PTSA Reflections Theme: Within Reach. The students’ creativity and approaches were absolutely extraordinary.

It was a great opportunity for the grade 8 students to integrate the arts in their studies. A special thank you to Mrs. Downey and the Unified Arts Team for supporting the gallery display toured by all HMS students.  It is always good when students have the experience to proudly display their unique and personal interpretations of learning to a larger audience.

HMS grade eight students are Washington, DC bound.

We will depart early Tuesday morning, June 5th, which may include a brief stop and tour of Philadelphia and we will return in the evening on June 8th. It will be a trip jam-packed with visits to museums, monuments, and truly memorable experiences that last a lifetime!

An informational evening meeting will be held after the holiday vacation in the beginning of January with students and parents to review the trip and make a deposit for the trip. A family’s financial situation will not preclude participation.

Grade 8 teachers would like to extend appreciation to the Hampstead School Board, administration, and community in supporting this unique educational opportunity for our students.

Jack Cameron, an 8th-grade student, wins the NH Student Volunteer of the Year!

Jack Cameron, a current 8th-grade student at HMS, was selected as the middle/high school level recipient out of hundreds of students nominated statewide. Jack is a valued and active member of the PTSA student group, PTSA Kids. He is also an active Boy Scout, member of the National Junior Honor Society, and the HMS Cross Country team.

Patriots Pen Essay Contest

This year over 60, 8th-grade students entered their essays in the Patriots Pen Essay Contest. Recently, Veterans of Foreign War Representative, Retired Lt. Col Howard Steadman, announced the winners of the local Hampstead Middle School’s  Patriot’s Pen Essay Contest;
“ America’s Gifts to my Generation” at our Celebration of Patriotism and Veterans Assembly.
Four, 8th-grade students were recognized, with Jack Cameron taking top honors and Ryan McMahon captured second place.  Alex Barbuto and Ryan Ovary were also selected as third and fourth place recipients. All four students’ essays will advance to the VFW  District Competition.